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    How important is confidence and Communication skills for a job?

    You’ll communicate more effectively: Confidence allows you to speak concisely and with clarity. Professionals who communicate with confidence can convey what they want to their clients and co-workers in a clear and efficient manner. Effective communication is critically important for career advancement.

    Among the top traits employers look for when hiring or promoting a candidate are interpersonal skills, professionalism and enthusiasm; all by-products of confidence.

    Ultimately, employers benefit from confident employees because they’re more positive contributors, more productive, good motivators, and make great role models. Additionally, confident employees in customer-focused or sales positions directly contribute to brand perception.

    Great, what can I do to improve my confidence in the workplace?

    • Change your viewpoint: People who lack confidence tend to be concerned about the impact others have on them. Instead, they should focus on the impact they have on others. This empowerment improves your effectiveness because you’ll realise it’s what you do that matters, not what others do to you.
    • Acknowledge your achievements: When you do something well or achieve something, don’t sweep it under the carpet. Acknowledge it and give yourself praise, even if it’s  just a minor achievement. Make sure your boss knows about any good work you’ve done. Be mindful to be realistic about your achievements to ensure you aren’t pushing your own barrow.
    • Act confident: Ever heard of the saying ‘a picture paints a thousand words’? Now, picture yourself. How do you look? What message do you communicate the moment you walk into a room? What’s your body language saying?               
    • What information can prospective clients or co-workers gather about you before you even say a word? Yes, as you can tell, acting confident is incredibly important. Be aware of how you hold yourself and the signals your body language is sending out. Think about your posture. Stand up straight, and when you move around a room, move with purpose.

    With the job market more competitive than ever, the best way to stand out is to show your confidence in the work place. Stand tall, be proud and enjoy what you do; after all, that’s the most important thing.