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    How you can get job?

    With these job search tips and ticks , you'll score a new job in no time

    We’d like to deliver you some very good news: a job search doesn’t have to be tough, and neither does landing a new job—if you know exactly how to get a job, that is.

    Some job seekers, for example, don’t realize that a 
    handwritten thank you note sent post-interview can clinch the job deal, while others have never heard of applicant tracking systems—technology that reads resumes  and chucks those that are missing job description keywords in the trash. But with this insider information, you can defy the odds and land your dream jobs —all while making it look oh-so-easy.

    Here are 13 pieces of advice that will strengthen your job search and help you get a job fits in your life.

    Use your social media presence.

    Recruiters and hiring managers will be looking at your resume, of course—but they also want to see complementary online serach  too, such as your LinkedIn profile and online resume. In fact, one recruiter told Glassdoor she likes to see attachments, project work, videos, or blogs, too.