Trust and Safety

We believe that this new era will be defined by the concept of ‘Disruption by Design’. At the heart of this is the use of
design to humanize technology, bringing together digital innovations and physical space in ways that unlock new
experiences for consumers and re-imagine how we interact in commercial, social and business exchanges.
Our brand philosophy – Connected World, Connected Experiences – is aligned with the purpose of driving positive
change. Last year, we unlocked experiences to deliver an enterprise of the Future. Along with establishing ourselves as a
DT (digital transformation) provider, we took a step towards being a social enterprise. The mission of the Company is to
attain growth while respecting and supporting the needs of the stakeholders. We aim to be an organization that will
shoulder the responsibility of being a good citizen, inspire associates and be a role model for peers.
We are committed to future proofing our associates and have embarked on a journey of FUTURise that ensures
continuous learning, unlearning, re-learning, and contribution to innovation for our customers. Investor and customer
needs are the drivers for our new age solutions in AI, machine learning, digitization, automation and smart mobility. We
continue to build upon our Run-Change-Grow strategy, which allows us to FUTURise.
Companies are working up to the dangers posed by climate change. Technology can bring unprecedented business
opportunities to transform different sectors for a more sustainable world. We can leverage artificial intelligence and digital
technology to come up with solutions to combat climate change. In the reporting year, we created GAiA, an AI- based
open source platform, designed to help reshape work, life, communities and the planet. With self-learning capabilities in a
connected ecosystem, the platform can be used to bring synergistic systems, balance and harmony and shape a
connected future for all. Carbon Pricing is another tool that we have used to transition towards climate responsibility. We
introduced a Carbon Price of 10 USD per ton of GHG emissions last year. It is in the process of being internalized across
all business verticals, which in turn will create incentives for energy efficiency and innovation.